“A” is for Adaptogens – Stress-Fighting Help is Here!

“A” is for Adaptogens – Stress-Fighting Help is Here!


Stress does some pretty rotten things to your body.

Certain plants are able to survive in extreme circumstances. Scientists have studied these incredible properties-the plant’s internal mechanisms-that allow them to handle such stress.

This is why Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus), Selenium, and Reishi Mushrooms-all key ingredients in EnerPrime-are so important to support your health. EnerPrime is chock full of ADAPTOGENS.

These ingredients help normalize biological functions disrupted by stress, including lowering cortisol levels. And though EnerPrime is not a weight-loss product, many who add EnerPrime to their diet find that they drop a few pounds as the adaptogens assist the body in neutralizing stress reactions, helping the body burn fat the way it should, and overall nutritional needs are being met.

Many who drink EnerPrime regularly report noticing that they fall asleep faster and have more restful sleep. They even credit EnerPrime with calming factors to regulate emotional highs and lows-especially important during stressful seasons, illness, or changes during adolescence or menopause.

If you haven’t already tried EnerPrime-now’s the time! Click here to order your first bottle and give yourself 30 days to better health!

Watch this 7-minute video from Carey Nosler about how Adaptogens help your body handle stress!

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